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Related links screen shot Orange County CoastKeeper has the green light to plant giant kelp at a one acre site in the Crystal Cove State Park. This site provides information about this exciting site and general information about Macrocystis.
This page is dedicated to the biology of the giant kelp, Macrocystis pyrifera. On these pages, you will learn about the morphology, reproduction, evolution, and ecology of Macrocystis. There is also information about current research. Related links screen shot
Related links screen shot This site provides information on the project to identifying regions of persistent giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) around Santa Catalina Island for designation as marine reserves.
This site has information and images about Giant Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) around the world. Related links screen shot
Related links screen shot 'KelpWatch' is a community-based research and monitoring project aimed at assessing the current and past distribution and health of Giant Kelp forests in Tasmania, and is part of the Tasmanian Giant Kelp Project.
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This page information about Undaria specifically related to the orgin and reintroduction of the speicies. The page is UK based.
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Related links screen shot Cawthorn Biochemistry provides list of Undaria related publications. Just email Cawthron to obtain preprints of any of the publications.
This Western Australian government page is part of the Department of Fisheries, Introduced Marine Aquatic Invaders program and provides information and images related Undaria. Related links screen shot
Related links screen shot An an Italian based Web site with information about Undaria. (All text is in Italian).
The Straned Werk Groep. A Dutch Web site translated to english. The site provides information about Undaria aswell as related images from around the world.
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General Algal

Related links screen shot Coastview is a joint venture between CoastView Enterprises and CSIRO Marine Research. The site provides extensite information about the Marine environment in Tasmania, Australia.
This UK based Web site contains information on the first and preliminary EC survey of scientists, industries, culture collections and herbaria dealing with ALGAE. Related links screen shot
Related links screen shot Marine Protected Areas of the United States. This Web site provides information on marine protected areas (MPAs) as required by Executive Order 13158. This site, managed jointly by the Departments of Commerce and the Interior, will report on our collective progress in implementing the Executive Order.
Australasian Society for Phycology and Aquatic Botany. This site provides in-depth information on Phycology and acatic botany. Related links screen shot


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